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Where luxury meets affordability! Beauty doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg! Everyone should have the feeling of being a celebrity when they walk out of the salon. That's why we offer services that cater to fit the budget needs of everyone. We strive to offer the best and latest trends on the beauty market that's always affordable, but never cheap!


We are not your typical salon, creating sexy, high fashion creations that accentuate the essence of one's beauty is what we live for...Guaranteed! We love being devoted to our clients. Listening and catering to your every needs is not a goal, but a a requirement to ensure you're beautiful.


Innovation is our motivation to guarantee you the ultimate beauty experience with so many endless possibilities. We are confident in our art that we bestow the gift of creation from our hands to create your vision.


We translate our clients desires into a prestige ambiance like no other by creating an unforgettable experience. We take pleasure in making others feel gorgeous and glamorous. Most of all we cherish the feeling one gets when they emerge from the beauty encounter they indulged in. It's no question that you will leave our salon feeling confident and refreshed with new beauty. We invite you to come discover professionals that believe in the art they create, who are meticulous in their work, care about how you look and feel, and where the ultimate goal is for you to leave Transformed!

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