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Glamour Phase 5 wants to ensure every client receives their beauty experience. To do this, we have certain requirements (listed below) we adhere to, which helps to ensure that every client gets the proper time allotted to them. Yes...we know there are some situations we cannot control, but these requirements create fairness for all clients


We concentrate on enhancing, styling, maintaining, and creating all forms of beauty. From weave installation to designing healthy natural hair and cultivating locs to designer braids to waxing and eyelash enhancements by aiming to enhance the natural beauty of what has been given to you. well,  maybe not all natural but with a few glamorous tweaks here and! Our purpose is to construct whatever vision you have and bring it to life.

We enjoy that sparkle in your eye when you leave the salon satisfied, so ensuring meeting and catering to your specific needs is what is needed to guarantee that twinkle. That means ensuring endless beauty options that are not only beautiful, but sexy and professional too  guaranteeing superior results. So book your next appointment for a customized glamorous look. today.

Every clients experience is customizable and on an individual basis. Photos of your desired look(s) will align with this process and in giving you a proper quote for your desired service.

All hair textures can be braided.

Your hair must already be cleaned, blown dry, detangled, free from products, and ready for the service prior to coming to the salon.

Hair is provided, but is dependent upon the specific service you're interested in booking. 

Please be aware that tightness, discomfort, burning sensation, or severe pain is uncommon, and can result in baldness, sores, or hair loss. If you experience any of these, please return to the salon for removal.

Proper maintenance will allow longevity for an install. An install maintenance package is recommended every 2-6 weeks to properly care for your install. Properly maintaining your install will increase the life of the install, but please remove after (3) months, even if install is in tact because hair begins to lock.

a $25 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your appointment. The deposit will be credited towards your total balance. There will be no refunds on deposits, except when the salon cancels your appointment.

You are allowed one reschedule with your paid deposit. The rescheduled appointment must be within (30) days of your original appointment or your deposit will be forfeited. Clients paying in full will have the option of rescheduling for next appointment date, also within the (30) day timeframe. Paid in full payments can only be rescheduled. No Exceptions!

We ask that all clients please be on time. We schedule certain time windows for your appointment. Please be fair to clients with scheduled appointments after you. Just like you, they really would like their appointment to start on time.

Appointments will be canceled after (30) minutes of no previous contact and A no show fee may be incurred. No Exceptions!

You may be photographed.

Short hair is not a problem; however, we do recommend all clients have at least 2-3 inches in hair length for any braiding service. 


Reusing hair for your install? Not a problem! Please ensure that hair being reused is clean, detangled, free of dirt and old thread. Please completely dry hair! For those clients that have cut wefts, please have lengths sorted out, and be mindful that there may be a charge for cut wefts that are in the form of a jig saw puzzle. NOTE: To prep your reused hair at home, shampoo extensions with sulfate and paraben free shampoos. Please lightly condition your extensions, but do not use heavy or oily conditioners! Blow hair dry or lay flat overnight to air dry. For those that air dry their hair, the use of a hangar will aid in the end makes drying easier.

A 24 hour notice is required to change, cancel, or re-book any appointment before the next scheduled appointment. No shows without cancellation are subject to being charged in full for service (s). 

No call, No show=Booking being paid in full for future appointments.

Each and every client is given 100% when it comes to their service, with that in mind, remember different people, different hair types means different outcomes.

We aim to please all of our clients. Therefore, in any event that you're unsatisfied with any services provided, please inform before leaving.

For any clients suffering with medical conditions, please notify immediately of any medical conditions that may affect your service.

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