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At Glamour Phase 5, every client is important. As a thank you for your continued loyalty, a Loyalty Rewards Program was created to reward YOU, our MOST loyal clients. For every dollar spent on each service you indulge in, you’ll earn points to go towards a free service. All services, products, gift cards, gift certificates, and packages you purchase will be included. You’ll accumulate points in various ways such as pre-booking appointments, referring other clients, enjoying a new service at the salon, or even becoming a member. The great thing is, you will earn points with every visit.

What are points?

Points are earned for every service you enjoy, and each product purchased.

How do I enroll?

You’re automatically enrolled in the Loyalty Rewards Program from the 1st service or product you purchase at Glamour Phase 5. You could be close to receiving “GP5 Money” and not even know it!

How much are points worth?

For every dollar spent a point earned towards free services.

Are my points redeemable for cash?

Points are not redeemable for cash.

Do points expire?

There is no expiration dates for points earned.

Dying to know how to earn points?

Here's How:

Every $1 spent =1point earned towards free services

Every 10, 000 points = $10 in services


New Client to the salon

Refer a Friend

Re-Book an appointment

New client re-booking an appointment

Become a member

Book Online

Try a new service for the 1st time

Glam Rewards Birthday (visited 20xs or more)

Points Earned








Receive (1) choice of a Traditional Install, Braids (up to $150), or Brow Wax and set of hybrid lashes

Redeeming Points

*Every 10, 000 points earned can be redeemed for $10 in services, up to a maximum of 100, 000 points for $100 in services.

*Clients that have visited more than 25 or more times when their birthday comes around, will receive (1) free service of choice below:


*BRAIDS (up to a $150)


The Fine Print

*There must be a catch, right??? Not really, but here’s an outlook of how the Loyalty Rewards Program works:

*Points will be awarded at the time of check out. For example: If you refer a friend, you will receive your 1000 points when he/ she checks out of the salon. If you pre-book an appointment, you will earn 100 points when you check out from that appointment, not when its booked.


*The right is reserved to terminate anyone’s enrollment in the Loyalty Rewards Program.

*The right is reserved to terminate or modify the program at any time.

*Points may not be valid with some special offers or purchases. This will happen rarely, but it may happen.

*Let us know upon checkout if you would like to redeem your points.

*Enjoying services at Glamour Phase 5 may become a form of habit, resulting in lower levels of stress, increased beauty and glam, and moments of extreme contentment. So, get ready to indulge!

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