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Hey Glam Geisha's

We pride in creating the glam experience for our clients, and we want to know if we're doing exactly that. So we're looking for individuals to enter our salon, willing to give us honest feedback on their experience with us, receive a service or two or, and then complete a detailed survey based on how it all went. The purpose is to allow us to know how we're treating you as a client, if you did/ didn't enjoy your time with us, and whether our expectations are up to the standards we've set from the time your walk over our salon threshold and depart our doors.

Those selected to participate, will be emailed a guideline of our expectations, along with a questionnaire to be completed and emailed back to us after the visit. We value your opinions and the feedback given is not only appreciated, but helps us to better serve you and other clients in the future.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please fill out the form to the left.

Thank you!

-from our Glam Team

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