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$100/ $75

The Pink Special

Customize Me

Want a glam look, but not sure what? No Problem! 

That's why this is the option for you. We create a custom look for you by the artists choice, and you get the glam look you desire! This full face look includes an optional customized brow using a razor or tweeze, brow fill, 2-4 colors of any eye shadow, shading, highlight & contour, blush, shimmer powder, top & bottom liner, lipstick/ lip gloss, and top and bottom mink strip lashes . 

$75/ $60 

Glam Me Up III (Diva)

Most Popular

Need to be glammed up for a night out on the town? Or maybe you just want to unleash the diva inside? Cant wait to look and feel absolutely fabulous? Then choose this full face look, which includes a brow fill, 2-3 colors of eye shadow, highlight & contour, shading, blush, top & bottom eyeliner, choice of lipstick/ lip gloss, and silk strip lashes.

$125/ $100

On The Pink Carpet I

For The Glam Lovers

Feeling ultra glam inspired or red I know we do sometimes...well most If you're like us, then this option is for youThis look includes a custom ultra glam full face of makeup with an optional customized brow with a choice of a brow wax, razor, or tweeze, brow fill, 3-4 colors of any eyeshadow; ombre' eye included, shading, illuminating highlight & contour, shimmer powder, top & bottom liner, blush, lipstick/ lipgloss; with option of ombre' lip, and option of double mink lashes or individual cluster lashes.

Full Face

Glam Me Up I (Basic)

No foundation coverage, brow fill, light blush 

and highlight, mascara, and colored lip gloss of 



Glam Me Up I (Basic II)

Light foundation coverage (optional), brow fill, 

light blush, highlight, silk strip lashes, and 

choice of lipstick/ lip gloss.


Glam Me Up Too (Natural)

A natural/ neutral full face look, including 

natural foundation coverage, 1-2 mellow/ 

neutral eye shadow shades, light highlight and 

contour, silk strip lashes, bronzer, top and 

bottom liner, and lip gloss or a neutral lip

shade of your choice.

$65/ $50

Eyes Only

Specialty Makeup

Just A little Xtra

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