Eclectic Butterfly

Glam Hours
Sunday-Monday 12-6pm
Tuesday-Friday 9am-8pm

Salon Etiquette (Policies)

We ask that all clients please be on time. We schedule certain time windows for your appointment. Please be fair to clients with scheduled appointments after you. Just like you, they really would like their appointment to start on time. Also, allow time for getting lost and traffic delays. 

Reusing hair? Not a problem! Please ensure that hair being reused is clean, detangled, and free of dirt and old thread. Please completely dry hair! For those clients that have cut wefts, please have lengths sorted out, and be mindful that there may be a charge for cut wefts. 

NOTE:  To prep your reused hair at home, shampoo extensions with sulfate and paraben free shampoos. Please lightly condition your extensions, but do not use heavy or oily conditioners! Blow hair dry or lay flat overnight to air dry. For those that air dry their hair, the use of a hangar will aid in the end makes drying easier.

Clients that are not getting one of our packaged services or purchasing hair from Glamour Phase 5, we recommend bringing 2 packs of 100% human hair, your hair already shampooed, blown dry, and free of any dirt or oil. At the stylist's discretion, we might advise you to have your hair shampooed at our salon for an additional fee, if it does not meet our standards.

The deposit...I know everyone dreads it, but can you imagine how hard it is to gauge how serious a client is? We require a deposit of 25% (services less than $100 require a $25 deposit) of the total investment for salon services.. This ensures the salon saves your desired date in our calendar. Clients that book an appointment must also have a valid phone number and email address.  

NOTE: Appointments booked without a deposit are not guaranteed a scheduled appointment slot, and may be subject to cancellation. 

A 24 hour notice is required to change, cancel, or re-book any appointment before the scheduled appointment, NO EXCEPTIONS! There will be a $50 fee to any client who does not give a 24 hour notice to make changes to scheduled appointment.  If cancellations are submitted and received on time, a refund of the deposit will be given. If cancellations are not submitted and received on time, the deposit will not be refunded and the $50 fee will be assessed, NO EXCEPTIONS!

As a courtesy, Glamour Phase 5 may give clients a 15 minute grace. Please be mindful that a late fee of $15 may be applied. This fee is at the discretion of your stylist; however, clients showing up to their scheduled appointment 20 minutes or more late is considered a missed appointment and may need to reschedule their appointment. At stylist's/ technicians discretion, clients may still be seen (please be aware of wait times) and a $25 late may be applied.

In the event that you miss a scheduled appointment without contacting the salon, you clients will be considered as a "No Show", and will forfeit their deposit and be charged 50% for the service(s) booked (deposit included in amount charged). If a future appointment is booked and you are a "No Show", you will be required to pay for 50% of any services to book an appointment.