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Lash Love

Are you tired of mascara and lash curlers? 
Do you want to add that va-va-voom to your eyes? 
 Well if you’re anything like us, then eyelash extensions
are a safe and convenient alternative to mascara, creating a natural
undetectable look.

Strip Lashes

Lovely Lashes $10 

Want to add that quick extra pop to your lashes? This set of strip lashes will do just that. Includes (1) set of strip lashes. 
Lovely Lashes Too $20
Need just a little more extra volume? No problem! Just double up for a more dramatic look.

Individual Lashes (Cluster)

Celebrity Lashes $30

A basic set of individual cluster lashes using up to 15 lashes per eye. This is a
great introduction for any eyelash virgin…lol. Warning…. lashes can be

Celebrity Lashes Too! $50
Just a step up from the basic individual cluster lash set, giving those that
want to have more fullness with a natural appeal. This set allows for up to 25
ashes per eye.
Celebrity Lash Glam $70
Our best option to individual cluster lashes. This is for those that want the
flirty glamorous look using up to 35 lashes per eye.

Semi-Permanent Lashes

Glam Star Lashes $75

A basic set of semi permanent (strand-by-strand) lashes using up to 40-50 lashes per eye. A great introduction for those wanting to have natural realistic lashes.

Glam Star Too! $125

A natural set

Glam Star Diva $150

Glam Star Glam $200