Eclectic Butterfly

Glam Hours
Sunday-Monday 12-6pm
Tuesday-Friday 9am-8pm

Glam Extras


$25 Bleach My Knots: For those clients that would like their lace closure to look more natural.

$50 Bleach My Knots & Pluck My Part: Not all closures are created equal, but we can at least make it look as realistic as possible. We don't just bleach the knots, we hand pluck a natural part.  


$25 Sew Me Down I: For those clients that don't wan the hassle of getting a sew-in. Bring in one of your favorite wigs, and we'll do a braid foundation and sew your wig atop.

$50 Sew Me Down II: Get the same benefits as Sew Me Down I and a desired style on your wig too!

$10 & up Pluck My Part: Want that closure piece to have the most natural  and realistic look??? Then having a part plucked may be just what you need to achieve it.

$25 Tighten Me: re-tightening of wefts

$65 Touch Me Up: extension maintenance including a shampoo, condition, weft re-tighten, and desired style of choice

$10 Net Security I: A soft net for those that want a an extra sense of security for your installation

$15 Net security II: Just a little extra security (hard net) for those w/ alopecia, thinning, fine or relaxed hair

$25 & up Replace My Closure

$25 Remove Me I: removal of braids and extensions only. *braids removal per hour*

$50 Remove Me II: same benefits of Remove Me I, including a shampoo, condition, and blow dry

$75 Remove Me III: same benefits of Remove Me II, including shampooing of extensions and a choice of a moisture steam therapy treatment or trim

$25 Reusing hair??? Are your bundles cut up into pieces??? If so, that means they're like a jigsaw puzzle that we have to figure out how to put back together. Unfortunately because of that we charge you to do so.

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