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Glam Signatures

Looking for a complete GLAM package? 

Tired of going to different salons to get the full GLAM experience? 

Look no further because our GLAM SIGNATURE packages gives you the one-stop glam shop in one. These packages are for those clients wanting the entire GLAM experience…hair…nails…lashes…makeup! We have packages to meet just about every need. And if you don’t see the services you need in our packages, we can create a customized package just for you! All of our signature packages comes with a glass of complimentary wine and a selection of delectable desserts! 

*All sew-ins (excluding prices with hair) are priced using up to (3) bundles of hair; using up to (4) bundles or more will incur an additional fee of $25*

*Longer/thicker hair may require specialty custom braid bases at an additional cost to ensure the flattest lay*

*Nail designs and enhancements are not included in the price*

The Glam Girl $200

The Glam Girl are for those that want the extra oomph to their glam. It’s a natural sew-in (partial) leaving a portion of your natural hair to be exposed to cover the wefts, which includes a custom braid base and the use of an optional net. We cleanse your scalp with an invigorating shampoo massage and condition, followed by a moisture therapy treatment (something your hair cannot live without), with an optional blow-dry or roller set, and styled to the glam perfection of your choice. A pampering of your nails is also featured with our classic manicure and pedicure, and topping it off with your face beat to perfection. Need hair? This package can include up to (3) bundles of our Phase Pink Exotic Virgin hair (12”-18” straight/ body wave ONLY) for only $370.

The Beauty Queen $225

If you’re looking for the most natural way to wear your hair without leaving any of your natural hair exposed for the best investment, then The Beauty Queen is the package for you! We install a lace closure piece provided by you, allowing you to part like it’s your natural scalp. You still get all the same features of The Glam Girl. Have a frontal? We can install that too for $250 ($275 for a 360˚ lace frontal). Hair options are featured for this package as well, including a lace closure (14”) and up to (2) bundles of our Phase Pink Exotic Virgin hair (16” & 18” straight/ body wave ONLY) for only $400…$500 for a frontal ($535 for a 14" 360˚ lace frontal w/ (2) bundles of 16", 18").

I Love Bobs $175

Love Bobs? Well this is the package for you. You can have any you’re your heart desires. Then add in all the same benefits of The Glam Girl and you’re ready to step out and show the world your glam! Need hair? Ask one of our glam specialists about adding hair to this package.

Glitter Glam $175

Want a great protective style? Latch hooking/ crochet is the method for you! It’s a natural option for clients seeking a natural look with none of their natural hair being exposed by using strands of hair that loops individually around one of our custom braid bases, giving you the ability to interchange parts or giving those seeking the maximum fullness look, styled with glammed perfection. For this glam, you’ll need up to (4) packs of hair of choice provided by you! You still receive all the same features of The Glam Girl.

The Vixen $225

Looking for the most versatile sew-in? Look no further because The Vixen is one of the most natural and realistic sew-ins on the market, allowing you to part, braid, and wear your hair in multiple ways. This package still offers all the same benefits of The Glam Girl. Need hair? This package can include up to (3) bundles of our Phase Pink Exotic Virgin hair (12”-18” straight/ body wave ONLY) for only $400.

Naturally Glamorous $125

Naturals want to be pampered too! Luckily, we cater to naturals as well. For those seeking a chemical free process that brings moisture back to your hair strands, detoxifies from daily pollutants, keeps your strands from fraying, and softens your hair, with a complimentary trim, then this is the package for you. And wait that’s not all! For those that want to have the benefit to go straight for up to (8) weeks without interrupting the curls natural pattern, then Naturally Glamorous is what you want. And don’t worry, you still get pampered with all the advantages that The Glam Girl offers.

The Pink Package $600

For those that want the ultimate glam experience, The Pink Package is your girl! You will feel like a celebrity with this package being pampered with the works. You have the option of ANY sew-in that you desire, including up to (4) bundles of our Phase Pink Exotic Virgin hair (12”-20”) or with a (12”) lace closure, frontal, or 360˚ lace closure and (2) bundles (12"-18") of our Phase Pink Exotic Virgin hair included too with all the same benefits of The Glam Girl, plus some additional GLAM! Want more than just a manicure? Don’t fret because you can get ANY manicure, with nail enhancements as an option. Hair need a trim? Well that’s included too because we promote healthy hair growth! We will give your eyes some va-va-voom with a set of individual lashes to add to a red-carpet look. And that’s still not all! We will enhance your brows with a wax, and then have your face beat to perfection!