Eclectic Butterfly

Glam Hours
Sunday-Monday 12-6pm
Tuesday-Friday 9am-8pm


Hair is not included in the price of the service


$25 Glamrows Xpress I: Cornrows on natural hair

$35 Glamrows Xpress  II: 12 Braids or less w/ extensions

$50 & up Glamrows I: Basic Cornrows

$65 & up Glamrows II: Ghana/ Feeder braids

$75 & up Glamrows III: cornrows w/ individual braids

$25 per braid French Goddess I: Inverted Cornrows

$35 per braid French Goddess II: Fishtail braids

$35 & up Glamour Knots I: Bantu Knots on natural hair

$45 & up Glamour Knots II: Bantu Knots w/ extensions

$65 & up Layer Me: Layered Cornrows; 1st (2) layers included; $20 each additional layer

$50 & up Mohawk Diva: Braided/ crocheted/ sew-in extensions in the form of a mo/fauxhawk

Individuals/ Twists

$125 & up Boho Glam: large/ oversized braids

$130 & up Single Me: Individual/ box braids

$150 & up Twisted Beauties: Senegalese, Kinky, Spring, Fluffy, Yarn & Nubian Twists

$160 & up Mini Phase: Micro Braids

$150 & up Illusion Phase I: Tree Braids (Cornrows)

$200 & up Illusion Phase II: Tree Braids (Individual)